Digital workspace promotes talent development

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The digital workspace solution helps to retain talent and provides a flexible working culture for the employees of an organisation.

THE digital workspace is still an emerging concept but highly favourable across industries.

It is not only a technological revolution but fundamentally a cultural and organisational transformation to meet the changing needs of the working world.

The learning curve for organisations from the respective industry in adopting the digital workspace is steep, but the journey is fascinating especially for the manpower and talent involved in the process.

Four speakers shared their thoughts on the topic during The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) Lab webinar entitled “Future of Work: Reinventing the Digital Workspace”.




Moderator and Talent Corp Malaysia Bhd (TalentCorp) vice-president of group research, development and policy Mahuran Saro Sariki kick-started the discussion regarding the ideal digital workspace.

Panellist PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Jason Cheah opined that an ideal digital workspace would entail a general digital platform that allows employees to get important information for right decision-making and perform their duties anytime, anywhere.

“It will also allow each member of an organisation to get the latest information or data required to increase operational efficiency,” he said.

“It can support the flexible working culture where each worker can work outside the office or has a working time in line with the operational needs,” he shared.

Mahuran: The government does not provide grants to companies which practise a digital workspace, but there are two incentives given for this aspect.He explained that “it will have a safe platform where all personal confidential information or companies are protected from cyber-attack or misuse by certain quarters”.

Fellow speaker, Malaysia External Trade Development Corp (Matrade) information technology section director Jamaluddin Abdullah said such digital workspace refers to certain digital environment with particular features –it enables communication and engagement among the workers (such as video conferencing); provides access to facilities and collaboration tools (such as calendar sharing, file sharing and more); promotes sharing of information and knowledge, agility and mobility; and incorporates a system with applications for business use.

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