Telekom Malaysia group chief executive officer Imri Mokhtar

KUALA LUMPUR: Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) will accelerate its fibre deployment in Sabah, targeting a minimum of 145,000 premises to be connected in the next three years from 2022 – 2025, achieving 58% of fibre coverage in the state.

“TM has invested more than RM1.1bil in capital expenditure (capex) in Sabah since 2012 towards improving connectivity and fiberisation in the state,” group chief executive officer Imri Mokhtar said in a statement.

“With a total of 32,000km fibre optic cables statewide, TM has connected close to 282,000 premises in Sabah, in addition to the rollout of 59 fibre connectivity sites at schools in the state which serve as points of presence (POPs).




“Cumulatively, TM has deployed over 600,000km fibre optic cables nationwide, and will continue to expand in line with the implementation of Jendela,” he added.

To enable faster content downloading and reduced latency, TM deployed the TM internet exchange (TMiX) nodes locally in Kota Kinabalu and Penampang as well as upcoming ones in Inanam, Kinarut, Menggatal and Putatan, expected to be ready by December 2022.

The telco will also enable content localisation, where OTT players can place their content servers in Penampang, establish a Content Delivery Network (CDN) node and implement an International Gateway (IGW) in the district by 1Q23.

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